All-N-One specializes in creative technology programs.  This represents the "T" in CATS.  Here is a list of our programs:


Field:                     Music Production

Focus:                    The purpose of this program is to understand how music is made.  We will begin from writing the music to actually producing a CD.


Field:                     Journalism and Communication

Focus:                    This program will focus on careers in journalism and communications.  There will be a workshop that deals with expression and message delivering.


Field:                     Video Editing

Focus:                    This program will focus on the process of organizing and developing a film production.  We will discuss all aspects of video editing and production.


Field:                     Computer Technology

Focus:                   This program is designed to help students understand the importance of computers through training, enhanced programming, and workshops.  Areas of focus will consist of web development, building computers and basic computer skills.


Field:                     Graphic Design

Focus:                   This program will teach students how to create images using various photoshop tools.  Students will also have the opportunity to apply what they are learning to products such as t-shirts, bags, posters and cups.

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