Below you will find the career portion of our educational services.  This represents the "C" in CATS. The career programs are designed to educate students on various careers.  Students will also have the opportunity to obtain skills that will help them succeed in their career fields.


Field:                     First Aid/ First Responder

Focus:                    This program is designed to teach students the importance of first aide along with various first aide techniques.  There will also be discussion on careers as first responders.


Field:                      Apparel Design

Focus:                    The students will have an opportunity to learn how to make t-shirts, manage the business side of the industry.  There will also be heavy lessons in marketing and management as it related to this industry.


Field:                     Teaching              

Focus:                    The program will focus on different aspects of teaching as a profession.  We will discuss planning, delivery methods and preparation.


Field:                     Journalism and Communication

Focus:                    This program will focus on careers in journalism and communications.  There will be a workshop that deals with expression and message delivering.


Field:                     Video Editing

Focus:                    This program will focus on the process of organizing and developing a film production.  We will discuss all aspects of video editing and production.


Field:                     Newspaper Production      

Focus:                    The focus of this program is developing a school newspaper.  The students will learn how to write and publish articles along with implementing graphics and pictures.

                     Becoming an Author          

Focus:                    This program will focus on individual expression and deliverance of ideas through writing.  We will also discuss the publication process.


Field:                     Drug and Disease Awareness

Focus:                    This program will educate students on drug awareness and diseases.  This program is mainly for awareness and education.


Field:                     Music Production

Focus:                    The purpose of this program is to understand how music is made.  We will begin from writing the music to actually producing a CD.


Field:                     Record Label Management

Focus:                    This program will take you through the eyes of the CEO.  You will manage your own record label and make strategic decisions.  This will help students prepare for business management.


Field:                     Sports Administration

Focus:                    We will educate students on the day to day operations of sports administration. 



All-N-OneCollege Discovery Program


Field:                     Financial Aid Preparation

Focus:                    This is a program that helps the students prepare financially for college.  We will also discuss other financial support options.


Field:                     Courses and Majors in College

Focus:                    This program will help the students understand how their college courses relate to careers.  We will also discuss the different college majors that are offered


Field:                     Time Management

Focus:                    This course will focus on time management in life and in College.  We will give the students the tools and techniques they need to be an effective time manager.


Field:                     The Perfect Campus Search

Focus:                    This is a program designed around fieldtrips.  The students will have the opportunity to see various college campuses up close.  The program will help the students in forming their opinions on where they want to attend college.


Field:                     Obstacles Workshop

Focus:                    The students will learn about obstacles they can face getting to college and during college. We will not only prepare them mentally, but give them ways out of their toughest challenges.


Field:                     Tutoring

Focus:                    We provide an enhanced tutoring program that is designed to prepare students for college.  All-N-One will provide educated tutors as well as mentors for all ages.

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